I’m here to help you optimise your business for better profits and accelerated growth.

I’m Sarah Padilha, and I love nothing more than empowering businesses to thrive.


Im here to help you optimise your business for better profits and accelerated growth.

I’m Sarah Padilha, and I love nothing more than empowering businesses to thrive

I’m not a mentor. I’m not a coach.

I’m a hands-on management consultant who’s here to help you refine your processes, optimise your cashflow and grow your venture to a point where it will support your lifestyle instead of simply become a drain on your time and energy.

I can add value to your business by guiding you through common challenges and finding innovative solutions to problems you thought were unsurmountable. And because I can fall back on more than 30 years’ experience in corporate finance, I can bring a wealth of banking and cash management expertise into the fold to help you navigate the ever-complex world of corporate and commercial finance for the benefit of your organisation.

For Corporates

Let me guide your wider finance & banking strategy

I work with finance directors, treasurers, HR managers and other in-house staff to assess and improve all aspects of their corporate financial operations. From optimising supply chain finance to managing key banking relationships, I can handle any and all of a company’s global cash management requirements on an ad hoc or retainer basis.

For Small Business

Get unrivalled support, right when you need it the most

You don’t need to run a multi-million-pound company to work with me! I also offer tailored retainer packages and advice on demand to business owners who need a hand getting their operations back on track. I’ll help you side-step burnout and access the specialist skills you need to take your venture to the next level.


I have now been working with Sarah, for several months and if I am honest was wondering, in the beginning, were reaching out to a business consultant was going to take me. Happily, What I did find is that Sarah has many years of business and banking knowledge under her belt with which to draw on for advice and guidance helping clients like me move forward in the right direction. The meeting atmosphere she creates is both relaxing and informal allowing me to have my regular vent at the beginning, but which in turn is highlighting some of my issues within my business, and that is where she then sets about working with you and suggesting how we can possibly turn things more positive. Whilst we talk there is always things that she suggests that sound great or highlight what is available, but I am often too busy to handle a selection of options which is again where Sarah will roll up her sleeves and do investigating work herself and come back with the best options available for your circumstances. I do believe that people buy from people and trust them better as they get to know the person, I have a few similar likes with Sarah and so sometimes we tend to wander off project but after a few laughs, we do continue. For me personally, this relaxed mix of help and guidance in such a manic world is rewarding both personally and for my business. Sarah thank you for the invaluable guidance and many laughs.
Andy Parrott
Sarah is a calm, practical and insightful business coach with a huge wealth of experience not only in the corporate financial sector, but in the smaller sole trader arena too. She brings a kind, yet clear and assertive approach to her guidance, and is highly recommended if you want to be able to get clarity on how to make your business flourish
Fiona Morpurgo IFA
Sarah provides a completely bespoke service for her clients. Not only has she delved into how I run my business, but why as well, so she can truly understand where I am and where I want to be. She is extremely empathetic and I feel she completely understands my business and what I want from it. With that insightful knowledge, she has led me through a process with structure and goals that is giving me clarity to make my business run the way I have always wanted it to. I can’t thank her enough for the focus she has given me.
Claire Naylor

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