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If you are running a multi-faceted international business and trading in multiple currencies, you need a financial partnership that’s working in your favour – and to settle on the right terms, you need somebody who speaks your bank’s language.

With over 30 years’ experience managing finance requirements at some of the world’s most established banking institutions, I can help you lay the groundwork for a global cash management strategy that will take your every need into consideration and ensure successful, long-standing relationships with financiers at every level.

I will analyse your existing banking requirements, identify a provider (or providers) that can offer everything you need, and consolidate all your banking activities as far as possible so your financial operations are simple to manage and easy to scale.

I will also manage the bank tender process from start to finish. This typically involves scrutinising the tender document, reviewing any risk management policies, taking command of the evaluation process and acting as a conduit between yourselves and your preferred banking provider in order to manage all negotiations transparently and in line with achievable timescales for completion. I don’t offer packages, as such. My services can be tailored around your precise requirements, and I can work with you on an ad hoc or retainer basis.

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